Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

My mom and I on Thanksgiving
 Thanksgiving was full of delicious food. And amazing friends. Hopefully your Thanksgiving was just as amazing.I still have a ton of leftovers to eat. Here is a mini recap of my weekend :)

My Cheese platter that was devoured while we cooked. I also made mulled wine, which my friend Janene just showed me how to do. It is so good. Silly of me to make this not for the actual meal but to eat beforehand? I thought what better way to cook food with love than feed yourself with what makes you happy. For some tips on how to make an amazing cheese platter, Click Here!
Natalie's dog Willie was there to pick up the scraps from making Apple Pie.
So attentive!
Willie's first time seeing a cat... Missy was keeping cautiously at a distance
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