Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drunken Gummy Worms

If you are like me... holidays get you excited because you get to eat lost of delicious food. They are a total excuse to over indulge! With October 2 days away, I have had Halloween on the brain. Last year, I went to Las Vegas and it just was not what I expected. This year, I think I am going to throw a party again... with delicious food and drinks.

Riding the escalator walkway in the MGM
Last Halloween I wrote a blog post about a drink I call Worm Fifty Worm.

If you haven't made this... you have to! It is a better more delicious and fun jello shot. Just do it and trust me you will like it.

The first step is to purchase a gummy candy. The most common is Gummy Worms (DO NOT USE SOUR WORMS), but during Halloween you can find Gummy Spiders, Bats, Ghosts, etc... GET CREATIVE!!
Choose your alcohol. I would recommend rum, vodka, 151, or Everclear. They balance out the sweet enough of the worm without being overpowering.
You will need the 3 lbs gummy candy, 1 handle alcohol, a large Tupperware with a top, and cookie sheets. When you have all your supplies ready to go...

Soak a 3 lb bag of gummy candy in 1 handle of alcohol (don't worry, the worms won't soak up all the alcohol, but you want to make sure they get completely submerged), inside the Tupperware. Close the top do the alcohol does NOT evaporate.

Soak the candy for at least 5 hours so they swell up (2 or 3 times their size). You can also do this the day before. Depending on the gummy brand, you may need more time.

Next, take the worms and place them on a cookie sheet to dry. The outside of the worm will get dry so they are easier to serve, but the worm will stay fat with an inside full of alcohol soaked candy. Do this an hour or two before you want to serve them.

PS: The alcohol that is leftover, DRINK IT! Totally drinkable and so good. Mmmmmm
That's it!! Serve them to your friends during the party for a delicious adult treat.
      Having this at a party is great in a big bowl for everyone to eat. But, if you are looking for a way to treat your adult friends individually, this can also be a great favor. Just maybe don't pass these out at work... or do... :)
      Gift Idea: Instead of leaving them in a great big bowl to have your friends dig into, get a bunch of little mason jars or snap close jars. You can find them at Ross or other specialty stores. Next fill each jar a little over halfway with gummy worms, gummy bats, gummy pumpkins, gummy eyeballs... whatever gummy treat you found. Next, fill the container almost to the top with whatever alcohol you decided to use. Let this sit for a day, and you should see double sized drunk gummy worms. Add a cool label (I have some awesome name ideas on the original post) and pass them out!

      Label example to frighten your friends!
      I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for the upcoming Holiday season. I will make sure to keep you posted! Happy Haunting!

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