Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quick Tailgating Tip: Pancake Bacon

Running late to your favorite tailgate and don't know what to bring? This recipe takes 3 ingredients, and 15 minutes. Time to go to town!

Pancake mix is versatile. And I am sure you all have a box of mix in your cabinet. I am guilty of always have Bisquick on hand. This recipe is simple, involves bacon, and your drunk friends will love you for it.

1 pack bacon
boxed pancake mix
bottle of syrup

Melt butter in a pan and keep on low heat. You can also use cooking spray if you like. Make a pack of Bacon. And make it crispy... no one likes floppy bacon. Make a batch of pancake batter per instructions on your mix box. If it is too watery, add some more dry mix. This needs to be a little on the thick side. Dip bacon in pancake batter. Place in pan with hot butter. Cook like a normal pancake. Drizzle with syrup. Eat...and eat.... and enjoy!

Check out this link for some amazing looking casserole ideas: 34 Casseroles

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