Monday, September 26, 2011

Newest Fashion Obsession: Ponchos and Sweaters

Ponchos kind of resound... old? Pocahontas?? 
Just nothing that I would like. 
And then I found this...
while returning a T Shirt that didn't fit my boyfriend...
at Forever 21...

Now, it looks cute on the model, but honestly, whatever else she is wearing does not do it justice. This poncho is adorable. So adorable, I planned my weekend outfits around it. PLUS, it kind of kills 2 birds with one stone doesn't it? The poncho takes the old "Ugly Christmas Sweater" print and really modernizes it. I love it! Although I am not the biggest fan of Forever 21, their ponchos are kind of catching my eye. This post is dedicated to my sweater/ poncho/ outerwear wish list. Feel free to buy me anything on here, or something like it :)

Red Fringe Lace Poncho: Found Here

Pendleton Sweater: Found Here

Anna Sweater: Found Here

Harrison Jacket: Found Here

Julia Cardigan: Found Here

Hudson Parka: Found Here

Miller Jacket: Found Here

Collegiate Knit: Found Here

Equine Print: Found Here

*A Girl can dream can't she???*
What is your favorite sweater??


Chantal Moyal said...

arielle, its chantal. i bought this poncho too! haha

MissA said...

Great minds think alike

Link Within

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