Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Bustle and Hustle

During this time of year, everything gets busier for me. UCLA Basketball season will end in April, giving me time to breathe. However, December also means holiday baking.

I like to make a lot of my gifts for coworkers and parents' of friends, which means recipes will be coming soon. Expect to find delicious sugar cookie recipes, a killer gingerbread, and one of my favorite holiday homemade gifts, chocolate balsamic vinegar. Unexpected but so delicious. I also wanted to try something I have been seeing online; hot chocolate on a stick/ in a spoon. These could make some amazing gifts for the gentlemen in my office.

Before I go, I wanted to share a video I took of Brody. I have bought this dog countless toys and things to play with. He does not play fetch. Will not nibble on his stuffed animal. He won't even drag around his squeaky toys. No, Brody instead stole the top of my turkey baster... and will not let it go. If I had known that was all it took, I would have gotten him a baster a long time ago. See the cuteness for yourself :)

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