Friday, December 16, 2011

My Desert Item on the menu at the Blue Dog Beer Tavern

I have some phenomenal news!

One of my favorite restaurants has asked me to design a seasonal desert for their menu!!!! Thank you Blue Dog Beer Tavern!

The Blue Dog Beer Tavern, which is close to my house and has seriously some of the best burgers around, is promoting me and Things I Make in My Kitchen this season. I am over the moon!!! Friday Dec 16th the desert will be pushed by the waiters and staff by word of mouth. And on Saturday, it makes its actual debut on the menu. The desert is inspired after my puppy, Brody. He is a spunky, devilish, caramel colored mutt from the pound and I love every second I get to spend with him. His playful nature brings out my inner child, and I thank him for always loving me, even on my toughest days.

Name: Santa's Little Helper

Description: Remember the smells of Gingerbread baking in your family's kitchen during the holidays? I know I do. Take a bite into a spicy cookie that will send you soaring back to adolescence, coupled with a creamy vanilla ice cream. The inspiration? My pup Brody, a fan of The Blue Dog, who reminds me its oh k to be a kid once and a while.

I would love it if you would go and support me by getting my desert. It would be amazing for me if the turn out for my item was high. But not only that, I promise you will have a great meal at The Blue dog. To read my review of The Blue Dog, Click Here!

Thank you for everyone who made this possible, especially, Paul Scrivano, owner of The Blue Dog. And of course, his lovely staff who made me feel incredibly welcome yesterday while designing my item, with a big shout out to Luke and Ray.

Want to make the cookies yourself? Check it out here!

Location of The Blue Dog


Emma said...

so proud of you!! my parents and i are psyched to go. hahaha.

MissA said...

Thanks Emma! Let's all go together!

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