Monday, October 17, 2011

The Weekend Wrap Up

Fall Festivals are here! Pumpkin Carving! Puppy Costumes! I love Halloween!

Veronica and I outside Hotel Erwin
The weekend was full of amazing food and holiday activities. Friday I spent some MUCH needed time with my best friend, Veronica. The plan for the night revolved around food (of course) as we both hadn't tried the burger with bacon caramel at the bar her boyfriend worked at. That is right... bacon caramel. Here are the details...
The Barlo Burger. Found here at the Barlo Bar in Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach. It was delicious. I am talking about perfect bun, smokey meat, and this sweet bacony ending taste. UGH so good. My only regret was that Veronica and I split one burger... it wasn't enough goodness.

The Barlo Burger with tomato marmalade, bacon caramel, and herbed chevre from the Drake Family Farm.
Saturday Jacob and I had a lovely date at the Nethercutt Museum. If you live in the LA area, this place is really a time warp. I saw the coolest player pianos and player violins, that were so advanced you couldn't believe they were made in the 1800's. How about the 3rd largest pipe organ in the world that takes up 11 rooms! Also, if you are into old classic cars, I am talking 1920's and such, you will LOVE this museum. I saw vehicles I have never seen before in my entire life. Such a cool experience.

Sunday was the annual Sherman Oaks fall festival. I decided this would be the perfect time to show Brody off in his lizard costume. He was not only the only dog dressed up, he also stole the hearts of hundreds, posing for numerous photos. What a ham.

Brody is a little too long for his costume, since he is a Hound of sorts. The best part about it was that it looked like a lizard stuffed animal was attacking his head. So awkward and so adorable.

Pardon my animal voices... he is just so cute!

The end of the evening was spent at my Pumpkin Carving fiesta. I took way too many photos, and have too many amazing pumpkin carvings to share. Because of all of this, you can see details here in this post.

Happy Halloween! Share any ideas and details you have coming up for your Holidays :)

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