Thursday, October 6, 2011

Restaurant Review: Marrakesh

As previously stated in this post about my ethnic identity, I am Moroccan. There are a few places to get good Moroccan food in Los Angeles, but the best and most authentic food and experience is at Marrakesh in Studio City. The atmosphere, food, belly dancing, and dinner preparation are spot on. If you are into Middle Eastern food, you will love it. Or, if you are looking to try something different, you will not be disappointed. This was the first time my boyfriend has Moroccan food and he loved it.

The dinner is prefix, but you want this. Essentially, you choose your main meal. And then any meal you choose comes with fresh baked bread, a soup, a salad, an appetizer, and then it all ends with baklava and Moroccan mint tea (which is the best tea known to man!!!). The description above is waning... this is not your ordinary soup. This is not your ordinary salad... this is a whole Moroccan experience.

The Dinner Menu is Prefix
The meal starts with them washing your hands, which its traditional in Morocco to have done. For this dinner, Jacob and I actually got the DineLA special. This was essentially the same as their prefix menu, except instead of the soup we got a complimentary glass of Moroccan red wine. And I am always for wine.

The food was amazing. And there was a belly dancer that came twice to dance for us during dinner. She was engaging and phenominal. I encourage anyone who goes to eat to get up and dance. The front of the house had such grace and manners. Not only, the waiter was passionate about his culture and the food. Both gentlemen knew what they were doing, and made for an amazing experience at dinner. The decor is authentic, as you sit at these low tables on cushions in big rooms boldly decorated. The whole place makes me feel at home and excited. I am 100% having my 25th birthday here this year.

Thank you, Marrakesh, for staying true to yourself and the food. I appreciate it.

Here Is What We Ate

The table with our wine, salad, and bread (which is unlimited)
Three Traditional Moroccan Salads:
One with marinated eggplant, second with tomatoes and cucumbers, and the third with delightfully spiced carrots. They also had a dollop of delicious homemade hummus and spiced potato
Bastilla Filo dough stuffed with chicken, eggs and almonds baked and covered with powdered sugar and cinnamon. It sounds like an odd combination, but it is insanely delicious.
Roasted Lamb with Honey sauce, currants, and toasted almonds. I am not a Lamb fan, but this was divine. It fell right off the bone.
Choice of kabobs: I chose the grilled chicken, served over Couscous vegetables with Harisa sauce on the side. The sauce is spicy and oh so good. After the salad and the appetizer, I took half of this home to heat for lunch the next day. It reheated so well. The chicken is just, so juicy.
Last but not least, Fresh Mint Tea and Homemade Baklava. The waiter poured the mint tea from 3 feet in the air. My dad does the same, but I never knew why it was done this way. He said it churns the tea, making it better mixed and frothy on top. Whatever he did, he did it right. The tea took me right back home.
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