Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pac-12 Tournament 2012

It has begun... The month of MADNESS! This is my favorite time of the year, but also my busiest. Sorry about the post lag. I do have 2 recipes done and ready to post.... I just keep forgetting my darn camera cord to upload photos. I promise, end of this week. Promise Promise.

But back to March Madness. College Basketball, to me, had a hedge over the NBA. For one, the students, cheerleaders, and band add a dimension to college basketball you can't get in the NBA. Its the excitement of seeing a whole school all in their colors rallying behind a team. And trust me, these games would not be the same without the fans and students that come to support. Its the UCLA Den (student section) with their unique cheers, the Yell Crew holding up signs to get the crowd going, and the band playing traditional songs everyone can sing and dance to. Second, the players tend to play more with their hearts, as they don't have millions of dollars in the bank to fall back on. This adds to the elation of winning and the utter heart break of losing. Because you see, one loss in your division tournament means you are out. There are no 7 game play offs... you have ONLY. ONE. SHOT.

 The Pac-12 Tournament starts tomorrow with UCLA seeded #5 and playing USC. And man, what a way to start off our tournament than playing out rivals. This should definitely pump us up for the rest of the week and hopefully propel us to an awesome victory. This season stats against USC: Game #1, UCLA defeats USC 66 to 47. Game #2, UCLA defeats USC 64 to 54. The Bruins are without a doubt favored to win this game, but USC really has nothing to lose. And playing against a team like that, with the right motivation, can sometimes knock out top contenders. All in all though, I have faith in my Bruins. Lazeric Jones and David Wear received All Pac-12 honors this past week, and Lazeric was also named the Pac-12's Player of the Week last week. The Bruins have a lot to be proud about.

If you want to catch the Bruins on TV, all games will be broadcast on FSN.

Let's Go Bruins!!!

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