Monday, March 12, 2012

I Will Never Eat at Panda Express Again

Oh how I wish this photo said UCLA
After countless times just dealing with the TERRIBLE establishment that is Panda Express at UCLA, I have had enough. I wrote a lovely Yelp review, and wrote to the general manager. But I don't honestly think she will respond. The thing is, I know I am not the only person who can't stand the way these employees treat their customers. So Dear Ms. Royo... here is my "love letter" to you.

"That is the last time I get food at Panda. And I am going to recommend everyone in my office not to go either. After the countless times I have seen your employees not know how to do their job properly, today just took the cake.

There are 6 people in line... 6. And on days when the line reaches past 30, maybe I am more understandable. I stood there watching the woman behind the counter, not doing the rice and chow-mein, but scooping your food, be completely rude to everyone she interacted with. For one, this girl asked for a taste of something while she was waiting to get a bowl. I watched your employee give it to her, then neglect her as the girl stood there while she served 3 people. And when the girl finally spoke up, the server snapped "what?"... like her customer was inconveniencing her. This is the same lady that on a number of times has given me the wrong items. And every time she has gotten mad at me when I have told her about her mistake. The thing is, I get the EXACT SAME THING every single time, 2-3 times a week, so I know I am not the one being confusing.

The lady scooping rice today looked new. I asked her to try the Kobari Beef. Well, she pretty much man handled my sample, which already made me not want to eat it, and so poorly applied to the toothpick it instantly fell on me and the counter. She saw this happen, didn't care, and kept asking people what they wanted. I stood there, like she may say something. Maybe apologize and give me another sample. Nope. Honestly she could give a shit.

Most of the time when I go to pay, I am already annoyed with how rude your employees are helping me. I ask for a plastic bag to carry my food every single time. And every time, someone asks like I am being a nuisance. They just throw the bag at me while already in the middle of helping someone else. How about you take 10 more seconds to finish with me, an equally paying customer.

Today took the cake though. The lady at the register heard me say NO to getting a soda, and proceeded to just ignore me and charge me anyways. I reminded her that I did not want a soda (I come here 2-3 times a week, and get the same thing, and never ever get a soda). She glares at me, and asks her fellow employee to remove the charge (why doesn't she know how to do it?). I ask her for a bag. She ignores me. I get my change and stand there waiting for a bag. She has already begun to help the person standing next to me. I ask her again and she literally THROWS it at me. I am stunned. I then ask for my receipt, which she never gave me, and she throws it at me. At this point, I am fed up. I say to her "it wouldn't hurt if you took a little more time with me as a customer." She stares at me, then turns to her employee as I am walking away and starts laughing at me. She thinks that the fact she’s completely incompetent at customer service is hilarious. I can't believe you hire people like this.

I go here not for myself, but for my boss. But now, I am going to strongly recommend he goes to Rubios more often. Heck I'll even drive to Whole Foods for him than give your Panda Express money. I have never seen more inept employees. I can't believe you hire people like this, let alone keep allowing people to act like this (I have heard from a number of people in my athletic department about how rude your Panda Express is). I see rudeness from YOUR Panda EVERY SINGLE TIME I have to go there.

Wise up. You are losing customers." Panda Express on Urbanspoon

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