Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DigDeep Water

Food means different things to different people. Some just eat it to live. Some enjoy food for the experience. There are endless ways food plays a role in our lives. Even being the food lover I am, I sometimes forget what it takes for me to cook they way I do, get the produce the way I want, eat the way I love. Which brings me to my point. I take for granted the natural resources, the micro details, behind the food that I eat. The most important of which being water. Every part of my daily food experiences include water.

Imagine a world where you can't even make food because you do not have the ability to simply turn on a tap and have clean water.

For some people, a drink of clean water is like having your favorite cake on your birthday. Sometimes we forget, myself included, how petty many of our wants and "needs" can be.
Access to safe, clean water is a basic human need and therefore a fundamental human right.
For some, they have difficulty accessing water, making their struggle for life even harder.

Therefore I ask you to help and appreciate the efforts of those who are trying to change this dilemma, mainly the DigDeep Project. DigDeep is for promotion and protection of the right to water. This is done through access projects and education, being piloted by the program in Southern Sudan.

DigDeep helps those who thirst the most.

Please visit http://digdeepwater.org/ and http://digdeeph2o.tumblr.com/ for more information. Consider what food and water mean to you. Help those who thirst.

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