Monday, October 18, 2010

garlic pumpkin seed instructions

I made the garlic seeds the other night and brought them to work. They were a big hit... so in case you need some brownie points with the boss, I suggest livening up the office with some homemade fall treats!

Here is my step by step process...

 design your pumpkin and cut out the top of pumpkin
(my boyfriend got feline inspiration...)

collect all guts and seeds in a bowl

separate the seeds from the guts in a separate bowl

make sure to remove large chunks of pumpkin guts.
to help you do this, add water to the bowl of seeds. 
feel around in the bowl for larger chunks, and remove the seeds from those chunks.

IMPORTANT! dry the seeds on a towel or paper towel

 coat the seeds in oil, spices, and lay them on a baking sheet in one layer

bake for allotted time. let cool and enjoy
(if time is up and they aren't brown enough, move them around with a spatula and leave them in oven for a few more minutes)

 As for the finished SPOOKY results....


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